Vitamins of knowledge

Vitamins of Knowledge...

Good thoughts


Practical thoughts & Loving thoughts

Dangerous thoughts


Thoughts that can hurt me

Thoughts that can hurt other people.



There are two kinds of thoughts

in the world.


Good thoughts & Dangerous thoughts

Good thoughts are not always happy thoughts. It is a part of life to be sad, angry and scared. It is only when it becomes to much or last for to long that it becomes dangerous.






Thought Medicine


Thought Medicine – that is a lot of little good thoughts and a lot of little good things to do in daily life. Quite simple things where you use your body. Thought Medicine cant be overdosed. It works really well when you use it every time and immidiately when you feel bad.


Little good thoughts simply eat dangerous thoughts.



The Thinking Brain & the Alarm Brain


... When I feel well


The Thinking Brain

The Thinking Brain is right behind my forehead.

It makes all my thoughts.

Right now I feel well. Then it is easy to think different thoughts, get ideas and solve problems.


The Alarm Brain

The Alarm Brain is in the middle of my head.

It keep an eye on and remember what is dangerous.

The Alarm Brain makes the Thinking Brain ready for fight and flight when needed.


The Alarm Brain take care of me.





The Thinking Brain & the Alarm Brain


... When I feel bad


The Thinking Brain

When the Alarm Brain is completely turned up, the Thinking Brain is turned down.

Then it become difficult to think, to learn and to understand.



The Alarm Brain

The Alarm Brain can be hyper-sensitive if I have experienced something very uncomfortable.

Then I can easily get too scared, angry or sad and my body can become bad.



The Alarm Brain take care of me.

I need Help



What is the most dangerous thing

in the world?

The feeling of being Alone


The Pharmacy of the Brain



Before doctors and pharmacies were invented,

nature has invented its own medicine.

Therefore the brain has its own pharmacy which makes endorphin and other good drugs. Endorphin resembles morphine but it is 300 times stronger,

it has no side effects, it is free and you always have you pharmacy with you

– right in the middle between your ears.


Endophin helps relieving

  • Physical and mental pain and discomfort
  • Stress and worries
  • Anxiety and anger
  • Sleep desturbances
  • Weight problems
  • Substance dependency, for instance tobacco, alcohol and drugs.


The Alarm-Brain can be calmed by

Deep & calm breathing


Between the Alarm-Brain and the Heart there is a direct connection.


When there is Alarm in the brain,

the heart beat increases

–to prepare the body for fight and escape.


This connection also works the other way.

If I can make my heart beat more slowly,

the Alarm-Brain will be notified:

"There is peace and quiet, no danger at all."


Then the Alarm-Brain is turned down and the Thinking-Brain is turned up.


Here is the world's best way
 to calm the heart:



Deeply & Calmly.

Train the Brain



The brain translates thoughts

into its own chemical language inside the cells:


When you think a thought,

Your brain makes a trace from one nerve cell to the next.

Thinking the same thought again makes the trace stronger.


Dangerous thoughts put dangerous traces in the brain.

Good thoughts put good traces in the brain.


You train your brain

when you think many little good thoughts

and do many little good things everyday (Thought-Medicine).


Brain training deletes dangerous traces in the brain

and creates new strong and good traces in the brain – deep into the cells.






We hunams have always told stories about life.

About being a human with oneself and others.

Good stories are Thought-Medicine.






Poul & Louise