The Story of a Wind

Illustration by Les chouettes de la hud

The story of a wind


Once a boy and a girl by incident looked in to each others eyes.


And both of them could see the pain in the other pesons eyes.

One night, they both went outside and looked out across the open country.

A person came to them and gave them courage.

Then all three of them stood next to each other,

took a deep breath and then shouted almost without a sound through the quietness:



Still, their silent shout was so powerful that it arose a clear wind,

and when the stars caressed the wind,

it blew into the minds of the people making the fog dissapear

and the profound values became clearer than ever before.

And out of this new ideas for many kind of things appeared.

And the people got up, stretched their bodies and became idea cathchers

who discovered new paths in the world as it was.


Because of that the children could go in to each their own bed and sleap peacefully.

And every day the wind reminded everybody about the fact that it matters to be brave.




Poul & Louise