The Boy who shot down a Thought



Poul & Louise


The Boy who shot down a Thought


Once upon a time there was a boy. His mind was filled up by a thought so heavy that he almost couldn’t live with it.


One day he took a deep breath and then slowly blew the heavy thought out through his mouth. As the heavy thought that used to fill him up now had gone away, he felt a peace in his body and became aware of the normal thoughts that he used to know and that used to be useful to him.


However, the heavy thought remained in the air right in front of him and within just a few seconds the thought went back in to his mind once again and took up all the space, making him unable to see his own thoughts.


Over and over again he tried slowly and carefully to blow the thought out and away and each time he succeded, but only for a short while.


Therefore, one day he shut his eyes trying to make the thought visible in the air in front of him. Using his gaze he shot special arrows at the thougt. But to his surprise he realised that the thought immediately moved, avoiding the arrow. Still the boy knew that this was an important and dangerous hunt, which was something he knew a lot about, so he kept practicing using his arrows and saw that he got better and better.


After a while, he had become so much better that he actually hit the heavy thought. Instantly the thought transformed into a memory that he was able to put in to his casket of memories with all the other good or bad memories that are a part of life. From time to time he opened the casket and looked at his memories without them getting dangerous. The boy told his friends and family about the successful hunt and everyone could see that he had becom his old self again, happy and free. He became a big hunter and storyteller.