Many years ago we humans lived out in the nature.

We still do that, just in another way.


We are not born with big claws, 
we cannot fly and we cannot run very fast.

So, back in the ancient times of nature, we only survived

because we helped each other and looked after each other.

If you became alone,

because you got lost 
or because you were excluded from your group,

then you were eaten by a predator.

- Unless you were very good at 
using your body, your thoughts and yourself.




Our body and brain deeply remember how it was then.

Therefore, the body screams when we feel alone

and we are let down by the most important people in our lives.

And therefore,

many of us are ready to do almost anything 
to be accepted by the other people in our group 

- especially those who are powerful and could exclude us from the group.

Sadly enough we are ready to act in the most horrible destructive and self-destructive ways
to avoid exclusion from our group.



So it is of the outmost importance that we
 allow ourselves to be different from each other 

and that we value and cultivate diversity.

Then we become strong together.

…Because it is safe and good to be in a place

where you are fully respected and valued 
as the person you realize you are and you want to be.

This is the best way we can take care of ourselves and each other.


And when you, day by day, 

go on a playful discovery in the world of your daily life,

with your body and your thoughts,

then you can become friends,
 even with yourself.




Poul & Louise